It’s Official! Drop Ship Lifestyle is the Best eCommerce Course!

It’s official! Shopify has released the winners of their annual Commerce Awards and Drop Ship Lifestyle was voted as the “Best eCommerce Course” in the industry! Shopify created the Shopify Commerce Awards as a celebration of their global community of Shopify Partners, developers, and affiliates. Last August, Shopify asked their community to submit nominations for […]

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The 13 Best eCommerce Podcasts for Entrepreneurs & Drop Shippers in 2018

For a busy drop shipper or serial entrepreneur, podcasts can be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration that can easily be consumed while working on something else. And it’s the entrepreneur and eCommerce podcasts that we tune into the most here at Drop Ship Lifestyle. Here is a list of the 13 best podcasts for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Each one will provide you with practical tips and strategies to help you pursue your goals of making money with an online business.

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[2018 Update] Profitable Niche Selection Guide: Do Less While Earning More

One of the first steps in eCommerce is choosing a niche… it’s also the biggest point where we see people get hung up. While you shouldn’t make niche selection harder than it is, it’s more important to not rush the process. Every year we update our guide to profitable niche selection. If you’re familiar with digital and eCommerce trends, you know how fast things change. This is still good news for you though! This guide will help you learn all the details, and includes step-by-steps of my favorite methods to research the current profitability of any eCommerce niche.

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