Click Funnels Vs. Shopify

More and more people have been contacting me to ask if they should use Click Funnels instead of Shopify for their drop shipping stores… I’ve been answering the question on email, Facebook and Webinars so I figures I’d just make a video to direct everyone to moving forward 🙂

In this episode you’ll learn how to make the most of both Click Funnels AND Shopify for your drop shipping business.

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Optimize Your Sign Up Flow: How To Grow Your Drop Ship Store’s Email List

If you’re not using email to reconnect with the hard-earned traffic, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to engage future customers.

Sure, you know that email marketing is a best practice that can directly improve your revenue. In fact, email is second only to paid search when it comes to driving purchases, according to a report by Custora.

But paid search and other forms of traffic to your site are a wasted effort if you’re not also converting it into your subscriber list. If you don’t grow your email list, you won’t be able to make the most of effective email marketing for your store.

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How To Drop Ship Profitably In 2017:  Discover The 3 Things You Need To Know For eCommerce Success!

Teach Me How!

Selling Your Store

There are many reasons to maintain great relationships with your suppliers… you can get better pricing, get sent “extra” orders, and receive priority shipping… this week I learned about one more reason – they might want to buy your drop shipping store!

In this episode you’ll also learn how to create these relationships, plus receive answers to this weeks top drop shipping questions.

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