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[2018 Update] Profitable Niche Selection Guide: Do Less While Earning More

One of the first steps in eCommerce is choosing a niche… it’s also the biggest point where we see people get hung up. While you shouldn’t make niche selection harder than it is, it’s more important to not rush the process. Every year we update our guide to profitable niche selection. If you’re familiar with digital and eCommerce trends, you know how fast things change. This is still good news for you though! This guide will help you learn all the details, and includes step-by-steps of my favorite methods to research the current profitability of any eCommerce niche.

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3 Tips To Narrow Down Your Niche

One of your very first steps in eCommerce is to figure out how to find a niche. This can be daunting for those new to drop shipping, that’s why we cover niche selection so often.

Today we have some awesome insights from one of our most successful DSL coaches, Michael Coghlan. In this article, he shows you his 3 tips to narrow down your niche. That way you can find a profitable niche with less competition.

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eCommerce Niche Selection

Today we will be talking about eCommerce Niche Selection. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to choose what products to sell online Whether or not to use supplier directories What to do after you’ve found your ideal product Links from this episode: How I Handled a $57K Order forum thread: Drop Ship Lifestyle Market […]

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