Drop Ship Lifestyle Stories: Anastasia

Welcome to the first edition of Drop Ship Lifestyle Stories; a behind the scenes look at some of the amazing people, whose lives have been changed by Drop Ship Lifestyle.

My name is Ben (BennyK99 in the DSL forums). Over the course of 2 years since I purchased Drop Ship Lifestyle, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people with some truly awe-inspiring stories.

I had the chance to sit down with Anastasia Vankova, a Russian immigrant who now lives Russiaville, Indiana.  Besides her coincidental relocation, she has many twist and turns in her life that I’d like to share with you.

Moving Abroad

In 2010, Anastasia moved to the U.S. with aspirations of utilizing her International Economics Degree in a new career.  While a few marketing companies showed interest in her talent she end up with two non-related jobs; working as a waitress and a hotel receptionist.

She then decided to invest more in herself and attended University, taking classes in accounting.  But even with her new accounting skills she struggled to find a 9-5 job. She then met her husband Aaron and ended up moving to Russiaville, Indiana.


Bookkeeping in Indiana

Anastasia spent the better part of 4 years as a bookkeeper for a family owned construction company but knew there had to be something more.  “During that time I was really bored in Indiana, and really tried to find something to do to get out of there”.

Like many of us, she found The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and her focus shifted to finding an online business for herself.  She stumbled upon a course which taught how to build iPhone apps and her journey to change her lifestyle via eCommerce officially begun.


From iPhone Apps To Drop Ship Lifestyle

Anastasia quickly built out multiple apps and added them to The App Store.  When asked if she had made any money from them she said – “Not enough to quit my job, but definitely enough to prove the concept that online business works, and it’s possible to make money online if you find the right model for you”.

Making your first dollar online opens up your world to previously unseen possibilities; it was the same case for Anastasia.  She began listening to many business podcasts, searching for her next eCommerce move.  In doing so, she stumbled upon a podcast featuring an interview with Anton Kraly, the founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle.

I thought it was interesting, and I had never heard of drop shipping,” said Anastasia.  “I started looking it up and Anton seemed quite trustworthy.  I read more articles and quickly realized this isn’t just another course, it’s an actual business model”.  After 2-3 months of researching the course and Anton, she took the plunge.

Building her store and calling suppliers

“I bought the course and was really excited!  I started on it right away and quickly got to the point where the design was done and it was time to call suppliers”, she said.  “Then I found a million reasons to quit.

This hesitation really hit home for me because I stopped at the same point as Anastasia when i was starting.  It took 3 weeks for me to get over the hurdle of calling, and the obstacle took equally as long for Anastasia to clear. Wanting her site ready for quarter 4 prompted Anastasia to finally call. She quickly had multiple suppliers and products for her new store shortly after calling.

There is a lot of work to do before going live with your store and sending traffic to your site, and I asked Anastasia what motivated her to continually put in the work before actually seeing a return on her investment of time?

I knew that anything I would start online would require a large time investment initially.  I knew that if I built it now, it would WORK FOR ME later. – Anastasia


$ales $ales $ales

Anastasia’s store certainly began working for her.  Within 2 weeks she made her first sale and started to see a return on her investment in herself.  She had some solid reasons to continue pushing forward as well.

Like most young, dumb people we accumulated a bunch of debt.  It was really bad being stuck in a boring place, having a mortgage, a bunch of credit card debt, a car loan, and a job you hate!  So it was extra money initially to help pay off debt and to quit my job” said Anastasia.

Sales continued rolling in and eventually she was able to leave her “boring job in Indiana” and focus on her business full time.

Now quitting your job is certainly a great motivator in the beginning. But something bigger is needed to stay hungry and continue growing your business.  Anastasia’s bigger motivation is location independence and her desire for adventure.




Travel and Adventure!

Anastasia and I were in a small mastermind call around 18 months ago, and we’ve been friends on Facebook ever since.  I’ve seen her take trips back to Russia, Las Vegas, Chicago, Colorado, and most recently we met each other at the 2016 Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat in Kona, Hawaii.

She mentioned to me the importance of travel and how she was going to accomplish her goals in the near future.  “I really enjoy not being stuck in one place, and now I want to get my husband to the same place so that he can enjoy this life as well.  Right now he is still in his job.  Yeah, he can take vacation whenever he wants, but he still has to work for other people and plan it out, and he doesn’t make money while he is gone”, she said.

Anastasia plans to open a new store built solely for her husband to run prior to Thanksgiving.  She also wants to take her current store from 5 figures in monthly sales to 6 figures using the principles she learned from Anton’s retreat presentation.  Thus affording her and Aaron the ability to travel the world from June until the end of the year.

Lessons she’s learned from DSL

I made a point to ask Anastasia what she’s learned from DSL and one of the things she mentioned that really stood out to me.  She told me, “You can grow as big as you can imagine, you just need to believe in it”.  This is Huge.  The very first part of the Drop Ship Lifestyle course is all about mindset, and it’s #1 for a good reason.  Having the correct mindset and belief in yourself is paramount to your success as an entrepreneur.

I also asked her how joining Drop Ship Lifestyle has changed her life and her response was epic.  “It changed completely!  I am very happy that I joined.  First of all, this model works for me.  It’s a great model.  Second, this course is not just about drop shipping.  It’s about an awesome group of people that support each other and help you with any questions you have.  It’s really cool to be a part of such a great community.

Joining Drop Ship Lifestyle opened the doors for me to many other online businesses.  If I want to do anything else, I can.  There is so much information online, but this is one source you can trust”, said Anastasia.

I truly enjoyed chatting with Anastasia and I hope you found real value in her journey.  No matter where you are starting, you too can take your life in a new direction simply by taking action.

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Ben has built and sold many eCommerce stores. Currently, he owns and operates two more stores. He’s also the host of the EcomFire podcast. On his podcast he covers: Online Marketing tactics, Blogging, Podcasting, SEO, Kindle Publishing, Private Labeling, and Affiliate Marketing.