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Zhipan moved to the USA from China 6 years ago to be with his family. We met with Zhipan several months back at a local meetup just after him making some of his first sales from drop shipping. He came with a lot of questions for the group which we answered. A short time after our meeting, his store started really took off.

I realized I had to turn the tables on Zhipan after seeing a couple of his earnings screenshots in our members only Facebook Drop Ship Lifestyle Labs group. The questions I posed to him turned into this post where he shares his journey, early challenges, advice, and goals. Enjoy Zhipan’s story below!

What He Was Doing Before Finding DSL

Before I work on my niche store, I was just graduate from college and work IT technical support technician in a high school. I don’t like that job because I think I want to achieve more in my life. So I start to look for business opportunities that requires less capital.

After Finding DSL

I heard a lot about Dropship in the US. Then I thought it would be a great business opportunities that I can start it off at young age. First, I can sell millions products without worry about inventory overhead cost in this business model. Second, I can get quick results if I do everything correctly to build confidence that help me setting big goals.

On Finding DSL

I tried doing everything myself at beginning with WordPress, but I totally failed. I wasted two months. I heard a lot about Drop Ship Lifestyle around that time but I thought it was another internet scam. Around that time, I listened to the podcast everyday “Build My Online Store” by Terry Lin. He doesn’t promote too much in his podcast, so I emailed him to see if he knows any coach that teaches how to dropship. He is a very great person, and responded to my email in 2 just two days and recommended Anton to me, and also he is very generously giving back his affiliates and help me save money on the course.

His Big “Why”

Total Sales Going Into 2017

The biggest why I wanted to start a dropship business would be financial independence and also makes me feel important to my family. I just got married when I start a drop ship store, and I want to give more to my family and makes me fulfill if I can contribute enough. I was taught by many books, some rich business people that if you want make money and you need to learn how to spend money first, so investing in DSL was really worth it for me.

Early Challenges

In the early stage and even now, I had a lot of issues because being a non-native English speaker. I got ignore so many times by suppliers because of my accent. Also, some customers will ask if the company is an American company because of my accent. I remember one customer say they want to speak someone who can speak real English and just hung up on me. So there is a lot of rejection that I faced in the early stage. However, I am glad that I read some many great books that made me focus on the positive side and that helped keep me focus only on what l want. The books I have read multiple in past few months are: The Law of Attraction, Influence, The Slight Edge, The Psychology of selling, The Millionaire Fastlane, Launch, Awaken the Giant within, The third circle theory.

First Sales

I got my first two sales around 10/01, two sales come in one day 🙂 Very excited. I got them while I was working.

Advice Through Experience

I think the most important attributes for me get this result in 4 months are consistency and hard work. I don’t know how many people wanted me to change to another niche when I did not make any sales. I was surrounded by those people that don’t know anything about my business. So listen to yourself or only take advice from someone who had achieved what you want to do.

The easiest thing for people in the DSL is keep changing the niche, I know it is the best part of this business model but It also actually slows down people’s success process. We all know this business model works and will still work in the future. So if somebody give up his first niche and he made his second or third niche work, and then he find his winning niche. In my opinion, it is not about you find the winning niche, it’s your skill that helps you win.

Strategy Google Shopping

Strategy Google Shopping Showing Some Traffic Stats

Instead of keep changing the niche, I would recommend stick with only one niche, focus on that store until you get big result that you dream of. For those people that succeed in fourth or fifth niche, I think they might achieve much more if they spend all their time on their first niche store. Cause there is a reason that why some of niche takes longer than others that is market is so profitable and has big potential. If you willing to work harder and winning the game then it means much more money and much more potential for that specific niche. So consistency is really important to success in the dropship business.

In addition to the consistency, you have to work hard and work with a purpose, and that’s where goal writing come from. You have to do everything with a purpose, and think hardly and keep asking why this is not working and how you gonna to make this work, keep ask questions like what did you try last week and what you will do next week. Overall, the two most important attributes for me is Working Hard and Consistency!

Big Goal

My biggest goal with DSL is keep working hard every day in my current store for five years, I want to beat every big competitor in my niche, and resell it for 2 million dollars.


Where are you at in your entrepreneurial journey? What is your big why or goals? Let us know in the comments below.

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle - an online coaching program for eCommerce entrepreneurs. He began selling online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses while leveraging the power of drop shipping.

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