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Social Traffic Strategy Chat with Search Scientist Michael Erickson

Welcome to this YouTube Live session with Anton and Michael! Anton and Michael discuss eCommerce social traffic strategies for close to 30 minutes.  Their discussion is filled with insights on how to think about and effectively execute paid traffic campaigns on social media networks. You will learn: How paid traffic has evolved with social media More about […]

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Crossing the 100k Milestone with Drop Shipping

A Successful Drop Ship Lifestyle Student Discusses How He Found Success with His Store Welcome to the second chat with a successful Drop Ship Lifestyle student on YouTube Live! In this edition, you’ll learn: The mindset behind Jose’s success The SEO method backed by a solid content strategy to get blogging partners to leverage to […]

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Top 10 Conversion Optimization Tips

How to increase trust, boost conversions, and make more money on your eCommerce store Almost all marketers get THIS wrong. We build great products, buy tons of traffic, make some money, and we are happy… So what is this problem? Think about it for a second… “we”, as an industry, accept that 2% is a […]

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They Sold Over $1 Billion of Products in 8 Minutes…

$14.3 billion in 24 hours…Is that possible? These are the real numbers that eCommerce giant Alibaba was able to pull off on Singles Day – which is Chinas equivalent of America’s Cyber Monday. Let’s put this in perspective: Netflix’ Total Revenue for ALL of 2014 was 5.5 Billion Amazon’s Total Revenues for ALL of 2014 was 88.99 Billion eBay’ […]

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