Why You Shouldn’t Use A Drop Ship Supplier List

Finding suppliers is often the hardest part for new drop shippers. And it’s only natural to want shortcuts for finding your suppliers quickly. But that is how a lot of drop shippers start off on the wrong foot, by relying on pre-made supplier lists!

Nothing is worse than making a huge mistake just as you’re starting out! Imagine, you’re pumped to start a new lifestyle and instead you get stuck with a failing business. All because you thought it would be quicker to take a “short-cut”.

Here are the quick reasons you should avoid drop ship supplier lists and directories:

Supplier directories are ineffective because they are out of date upon creation. If you have to pay a fee, then you are really using a middleman. A real drop shipping supplier won’t ask for money until you sell an item.

Now that you know the basics, let’s go in-depth on why you should avoid supplier lists and directories when you’re tracking down suppliers.

It all started when I was on a call with one of our “Done For You” students (that’s one of our premium programs). And they were asking me about our drop ship suppliers directory.

There are 8500 dropship suppliers free but you still need to do your own research! It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for dropship suppliers in usa, dropship suppliers uk, or drop ship suppliers china, doing your own research is your best bet!

They asked me, “Is this supplier directory good? Should I focus all my energy on getting suppliers from your directory?”

And the thing is even though this is mine and I should be proud of it… I should say “Of course, this is your only resource.” I said, “No, not at all.”

I’ve been in drop shipping for several years now, and I’ve never in my entire career sourced suppliers from a directory. Why would I make one then? Well, when I looked at the lists that were out there all I saw was crap! I knew that I could make a better one.

I started by joining all these other companies that charge monthly or yearly fees. They said, “pay us and we’re going to tell you about all these drop shipping suppliers”. What I found out was that they were just middlemen.

Dropship companies with no membership fees AKA free drop shipping wholesalers exist. You just have to track them down yourself!

 With these companies, you’re getting a reseller or retailer. They’ll just mark up the cost, and tell you that they’ll drop ship for you. In my opinion that’s not real drop shipping, that’s not a way to ever make real money in this business.

The real way to find suppliers has always been by actually going out there, finding your future competitors, then reverse engineering what they do. That’s what worked 10 years ago and still works today.  

Why I Built A Supplier Directory

Moving on, why did I build the Drop Ship Supplier directory? It’s because I knew my team and I know how to do the research and could put together a list with real suppliers. The suppliers that would never charge you for access and can actually make you money.

This idea turned into a two to three year long process of working with a team of around 10 virtual assistants that were all working on this every single day. We compiled this list of over 8,500 suppliers with hundreds of different niches and all these amazing brands.

Here’s Why It Didn’t Work

Building this list took years. So why would I still say, after investing all the money and resources into this project, that you’re still better off doing the research yourself?

Well, it’s because even though I think we have the best suppliers directory… It’s impossible to keep up-to-date. It’s impossible to make it 100% accurate and to always be up-to-date on the latest trends and newest brands.

I’ll give you an example. Look at a generic niche like desk/computer chairs. The computer chair suppliers that are in there were last updated a year ago. In the past year, I’d bet there are at least a dozen or more new office chair suppliers. They probably have great products and would be amazing to work with.

Likely they are untapped brands that you’d have less competition if you used them. So, why aren’t they in our directory? Because it took years to get the directory to where it is. After going through the experience of trying to build the best drop ship suppliers directory, I know it’s not a sustainable thing.

The Best Method To Find Suppliers

If anyone tells you that they are going to give you a list of suppliers and that’s all you need, they’re a middleman. Finding a supplier is never going to be a hands-off activity. The industry changes fast and the best way to be ahead of the curve is to do the research yourself.

You have to search for a good supplier to start your drop shipping companies usa. Even the best wholesale drop shipping companies do this!

This is exactly what I teach in module 2 of the Drop Ship Blueprint. If you’re a student of Drop Ship Lifestyle you have access to all of my “over the shoulder” training where I show how to research and find a supplier.

Just remember, don’t use supplier directories (Not even ours). It can be a good starting point. But the best way to actually find suppliers, that worked ten years ago and will work for the next 10 years, is doing the research yourself. That’s always the best answer.

I hope you found this helpful. This is what I shared with my “Done For You” student. And I wanted to put this message out there because maybe it helps you to avoid this common mistake.  

To recap, if you’re trying to find the best drop ship suppliers in the USA or elsewhere you can’t rely on would-be supplier lists. That’s because they are outdated and you’re most likely falling into an extra cost that you don’t need. The best way to find suppliers is by following my method of researching to track down the right suppliers.

The only good part of these lists (including mine) is that you’ll get some ideas of where to start. Just like anything worth doing, the fast and easy version is usually the wrong way. And it will cost you more time, headaches, and money than it’s worth.

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle - an online coaching program for eCommerce entrepreneurs. He began selling online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses while leveraging the power of drop shipping.

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